Spay/Neuter License Plate

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The Alabama Veterinary Medical Foundation (ALVMF) has received approval from the Alabama Department of Revenue for individuals to begin placing orders for the Spay-Neuter license plate. The cost of the tag is the standard $50 like other specialized tags, with $41.25 of each sale going to the Foundation to assist low-income families with the cost of spaying and neutering their pets. One thousand tags must be pre-sold within 12 months in order for the program to be implemented. The 12 month period begins November 1, 2007. 

The Alabama Veterinary Medical Association and the ALVMF encourage all Alabama residents to consider purchasing one of these special plates in support of the ongoing spay/neuter efforts. Alabama residents, currently on Medicaid, will be able to have their pet spayed or neutered with funds collected from the sale of these license plates. 

Supporters who wish to purchase a Spay-Neuter license plate may visit their local county license plate issuing official?s office, complete a ?Commitment to Purchase? application, and pay the additional $50 fee. You will continue to use your current license plate until the Spay-Neuter plate is produced (after 1000 have been pre-sold). The Foundation will notify you after the plates are produced and are available in the county license plate offices. To receive the Spay-Neuter plate, you then go to the license office where the original application was completed, present the original ?Commitment to Purchase? and the receipt for $50, along with your current standard license plate. Please note: you must have these two original documents to receive the plate. 

The Alabama Veterinary Medical Foundation appreciates your support of this program benefiting spay/neuter efforts in the state of Alabama.